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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Paper #2 Information

ENG 1213 / UA Fort Smith / Jennings
Second Paper Assignment

Due Date: This paper is due by 2:00 p.m. on October 17.

Length: 4-10 pages.

Subject: This paper will do two things. First, you will explain the causes or the effects (or both!) of some problem. Then you will argue for a solution to the problem. Note that this paper requires an argument – a claim which is supported by backing.

By this I mean you must do more than just assert that a thing is so: you must give the reader some good reasons to believe that it is so.

For example: suppose you are explaining the problems with the new parking system at UAFS – you believe that the parking lots are zoned incorrectly, and that the cost to students is too high. You must assume that you are writing to an audience that is resistant to that claim – an audience that believes the parking system is fair and logical. Thus, you must find good reasons for your argument, reasons that a resistant reader might be willing to listen to, and you must provide support – backing – which will make that reader willing to accept that those reasons are valid. You must make, that is, an evidence-based case.

Topics: This paper works best if you choose a small topic, and one which you are truly interested in. Often you will find these in your chosen major; but you are free to choose problems outside your major as well.

For instance, if you’re a marketing major, you might choose the problem of a new local bakery having trouble marketing their goods in Fort Smith. Again, explain the problem, explain the causes and effects of the problem, and then argue for a solution.

If you’re an education major, you might choose the problem of how to handle a specific discipline problem in the classroom – a pre-schooler who persists in biting his fellow students, for instance.

If you’re having trouble finding a topic, come see me!

Topics that are absolutely forbidden: Abortion, global warming, climate change, immigration, gun control, legalizing marijuana, teen pregnancy, GMOs, stem cell research, school prayer, Marriage Equality, the Death penalty, evolution/creationism, terrorism, Trump in any aspect, animal research, or any other HUGE subject. Look for a small topic.

Sources: You will need at least three good sources, and a Works Cited page. Use MLA citation style. All sources must be cited in-text and on your works cited page. You are responsible for evaluating every source you use. If you site a source that is bogus or unreliable, that will harm your paper’s ethos, and thus your final grade.

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