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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1213: Assignments for July 19-31

Wednesday July 19: Return to class. Bring your topic for paper 2, and read this article: "Cats Are Ruthless Killers." Summarize and evaluate it -- take notes for a quiz!

Thursday July 20: Read "The Public Health and Economic Benefits of Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Drinks."  Summarize, and evaluate it as both a source and an argument.

Monday July 24: Read in Handbook pp 97-157.  (Pages 122-148 you can just skim -- you don't need to read that section in-depth.) There will be a quiz.

Tuesday July 25: Bring your topic for Paper #2 to class. Read "Shocking Number of Deaths."
Summarize and evaluate it -- take notes for a quiz!

Wednesday July 26: Work day: no class

Thursday July 27: Paper #2 is due by noon. Conferences begin. Work on revisions and read Mammoths of the Great Plains.

Monday July 31: Conferences continue. Work on revisions and read Mammoths of the Great Plains.

Tuesday August 1: Return to class. Have all of Mammoths of the Great Plains read. There will be a quiz!

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